Concrete Boom Truck Operation

Safe operation of concrete pumps is a very critical point, for many newcomers who just contacted concrete pumps, how to safely operatfe concrete pumps they are not very clear, so the editor through the summary of a number of concrete machine manufacturers on the safe operation of the pump notes, I hope to help you with construction work.

01. Pumping equipment should be placed at a distance from the edge of the pit.

02. A concrete pump truck shall not use a fabric mast when the wind force is greater than grade 6 or above. Wet sacks and warm straw bales should be used to cover the pipeline when the weather is hot.

03. Horizontal pumping pipeline laying line is reasonable, pipeline and pipeline support must be tight and reliable, pipe joints should be sealed and reliable.

04. The particle size, cement grade and proportion shall meet the requirement of pumpability of concrete pump. When pumping, the material in the hopper should be higher than the height of the draw inlet to avoid drawing in air and injuring people.

Concrete Boom Truck Operation

05. It is forbidden to install the vertical pipe directly on the output of the pump, the front end of the vertical pipe should be installed on the vertical pipe installed at least 10m long horizontal pipe, horizontal pipe near the pump should be installed at the check valve. Laying downward sloping pipe, the lower end should be connected to a section of horizontal pipe, the length of which is at least five times the difference between the tilt height, or else it will be organic bending and other methods. Increase the negative force. If the slope is large, if necessary, an air vent valve should be installed at the upper end of the ramp to facilitate air venting.

06. The parking brake and locking brake of the pumping equipment should be used at the same time, and the tires should be wedged tight. Cooling water supply should be normal, the water tank should be full of fresh water, the hopper should be free of debris, the lubrication points should be properly lubricated.

Concrete Boom Truck Operation

07. Prepare cleaning pipes, cleaning supplies, ball catchers and related devices. Prior to concrete pump operation, the pipe must be lubricated with the specified prepared cement mortar. Irrelevant personnel must leave the pipe.

08. The support legs should be fully extended and supported, and the fabric mast should not be started before it is supported. The fabric mast can only be rotated after it is raised from the support. The cloth mast should be extended in order. It is forbidden to lift or drag an object with the fabric mast.

09. When the fabric mast is fully extended and supported, it is strictly prohibited to move the body. The fabric mast should not be used with piping that exceeds the specified diameter, and the connected hose should be attached with a safety belt to prevent it from disengaging.

Concrete Boom Truck Operation

10. All kinds of instruments and indicators should be monitored at any time, and should be adjusted or processed in a timely manner if abnormalities are found. If there is a blockage in the conveying pipe, the concrete pump should be reversed to return to the hopper, and if necessary, the pipe should be removed to eliminate the blockage.

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