Hiking is a professional supplier of concrete equipment, and their products are known for being very cost effective. Today we would like to introduce a power trowel machine, which is one of the most commonly used machines in concrete floor construction. There are two main types of these machines, the ride on power trowel, which is a sit on power trowel, and the walk behind power trowel, which is a relatively simple machine. hiking sells both types of machines, if you want to know more about these machines, please see below.

hiking power trowel

Let’s talk about the main features of the hiking ride on power trowel.

  1. Now the seat driving double disk smoothing machine because of its flexible and convenient operation, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and labor-saving advantages are chosen by everyone to buy, and gradually become the new darling of the construction team. If you still don’t know enough about the seat driving smoothing machine, or are planning to choose a seat driving smoothing machine, this article will introduce the detailed advantages of the seat driving smoothing machine for you in detail.
  2. The structure of seat driving double disk concrete smear machine is simple and beautiful; the reducer is made of aluminum alloy, low failure rate, good heat dissipation, easy to work; the high quality cortical comfortable seat reduces the operator’s fatigue greatly; the water tank is enlarged, and there is a water spray button on the lever, which can sprinkle water while receiving light, mechanical steering, easy to operate and responsive.
  3. There are LED lights in the front and back of the body, with high brightness and wide illumination range, you don’t have to worry about the light source at night to ensure safe and efficient construction work; stepless speed change operation is sensitive, it can collect light 400-500 square meters per hour; its own weight is large, dense collection of light effect is good; high-power gasoline engine, strong power to start fast, safe and reliable.

hiking power trowel

In addition, using the power trowel to collect light on concrete is also very simple, Below are the specific methods:

The power trowel installed with disc can be used to press and grind and lift the slurry according to the smooth spreading, and at least twice press and grind and lift the slurry with the mechanical longitudinal and transverse staggering of the power trowel; for the part near the edge and near the corner such as the column and the heel part of the wall, the mechanical is not easy to press and grind, so it can directly press and grind and lift the slurry with the manual wood crab.

After finishing the trowel, depending on the hardening condition of the concrete, the surface of the ground can be polished, and the blades should be modified at least three times. Adjust the trowel speed and blade angle to suit the hardened concrete. Adjust the blade angle once at the beginning of each trowel run to avoid damage to the flooring. It is the final touch up of the flooring, so it is important to select a responsible person to do the work.

Mechanical work to deal with the part is not by artificial iron trowel for calendering treatment, the construction of artificial light should be slightly earlier than mechanical, the operation does not allow the appearance of blister and light traces, and keep the joints smooth. To ensure the construction quality of the entire floor.

Hiking also provides a detailed description of how to use the power trowel, if you are interested you can refer to the following article.

The above is our detailed introduction to hiking power trowel, their power trowel machine has high quality and good effect, the most important thing is that their price is also very cheap. If you are interested, you can go to hiking company to know more about them.