Everyone In A Concrete Pour

When the concrete is not poured, there is no harmony between the construction workers, the supervisors and the internal departments of the concrete company. As soon as the concrete is poured, all parties have to stage a commercial concrete version of “War and Peace”. Concrete enterprises, as the supplying unit, dare not offend the construction workers or the supervisors, so they can only swallow their anger and meet the demands of all parties. Without having poured concrete, it is hard to appreciate the subtle relationship between them ……

Before concrete adjustment

The supervisor: notify the mixing plant, let them see what kind of concrete is being sent, the slump is 200mm, and still pulling here, if they are pulling this kind of concrete, they don’t have to do it. I’ve been told many times that the slump should not be too big, it’s no good, just don’t listen.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. It’s a good idea to add water, because there’s no way to dry without it. What supervisor won’t let you add water, let him do it, there’s no way to do it, we quit, let’s go. ……

Construction technician: make the ash thinner, thicker workers do not work, the supervisor does not allow the addition of water, can not get. The workers are not good to serve, difficult ah.

Dispatch: just a phone call from the site, said the material is too thick no way construction, phone call the boss there, then thick, do not want it. You laboratory quickly adjusted, material out of thinning a little, the site supervisor does not allow the addition of water.

Driver: material to play thin point, dry workers do not let the material, a long time to unload out of trouble.

Director of the laboratory: how to beat the concrete at a certain site, how to control the concrete slump, in the host is not watching the material, sampling no, what state of the factory. The site to play thin, you see the water consumption of super, not super add some water, super add half a kilogram to a kilogram of admixture, to play thin …… to see in the hair samples, pay attention not to play segregation.

Quality control or quality control (a face stupid): the factory slump is not small are greater than 200mm, after the raw material yard is not stable, sand moisture content is sometimes large and small, mud content changes are also large, forklift on material is not fixed, difficult to control. The following in the ash, I just play in the thin, as long as it does not segregate on the line.

Everyone In A Concrete Pour

Concrete after adjustment

Supervisory side: let the mixing plant over to see what concrete to hit, slump is greater than the original, let reduce the slump is not to reduce the slump, mixing plant is not to sell water. Later if all this, don’t send, make a ball ……

Militant: this ash good, save energy, flow of how good, the back in accordance with this fight, go, smoke a cigarette to go.

Construction technician: let you play thin point, who let you play so thin, you see the flow everywhere, are segregation, you are not selling water.

Everyone In A Concrete Pour

Dispatch: site call said, material and thinning, and then hit the thick point.

Driver: site technician’s words can not be trusted, the material is thinned out, workers work well, all peace of mind.

Pump Worker: Boss, the gear pump and hydraulic pump are leaking, the seal is leaking.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this, but I’m sure I’ll be able to do it.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.

I’m not going to be able to do anything about it.

I’m not going to be able to do anything about it.

I’m not going to be able to do anything about it. I can’t put it on the ground and see what happens.

PUMPER: You see there are stones in the material, other people’s are mortar.

Director of the laboratory: the concrete at a certain site reflects thinning again, and then slightly lower the water, slump a little, not too small, more samples to see. More to the backyard to see, and the forklift to say, lean to one side of the material, do not mess up the material.

Everyone In A Concrete Pour

Quality control or quality control (a blur): okay.

General Manager: Today’s material how the case, site will say thick, a thin, laboratory day to day to do na, to you said how many times, the fuck dim sum. Go check who is on duty today, deduct his salary, do not know what to do all day.

Sales said: technology do eat, and complaints, back to the money back can not, are your responsibility.